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How To Grow Spring Onions

How to Grow Spring Onions – Your garden might not feel complete without some spring onions. You might call this type of onions, green onions (though they come in other colors too) or scallions.

It does not take much of a green thumb to grow spring onions as long as you follow a few basic steps. They do not take a great deal of work or care to grow to maturity. Prepare the ground where you will plant your onions before it is time for planting.

Select soil that has very good drainage as you will want the spring onions to remain moist but not over-watered. Plan an area to grow your spring onions that will receive a lot of sunlight. Spring onions do not need as much room to spread out to grow as some other garden vegetables.

In fact, spring onions can be grown in relatively tight spaces as long as each seed can be spaced a few inches apart. When you determine where you will plant the spring onions, you can add some natural fertilizer or compost to that area a few days before planting spring onion seeds.

When you are ready to plant the seeds, place them about ½ inch down into the soil leaving a distance of about 4 or 5 inches between each individual spring onion seed. You can start to plant your spring onions a few months before the last frost of the winter. In fact, spring onions are able to handle some fairly cold temperatures.

(Over-wintering of spring onions is also possible if you want to be able to harvest fresh onions when the next spring arrives). Spring onions will usually be ready for you to pick within 17 to 19 weeks of planting them in the ground.

You can harvest your spring onions by simply pulling them gently out of the ground. Keep in mind that you should wash your spring onions before use. You will enjoy your spring onions added to salads or chopped up to add flavoring to some of your other favorite dishes. If you are having problems growing them find out about Spring Onion Pests And Diseases

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