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How To Grow Herbs

When it comes to growing herbs there are so many out there I will not cover them all individually here, however the advice given here in general applies to the majority of herbs.

First of all whilst certain herbs such as parsley thrive when planted straight into the soil outside, others such as sweet basil do not like wind at all, and as such are really only suited to being grown inside. Most herbs are fairly hardy plants although they are divided into two groups, those that like a full sun position such as chives and those that like partial shade such as rocket.

First of all they are ideally suited to growing in containers, which makes them ideal for growing on a sunny windowsill, or they can be put in pots outside. This versatility makes them ideal for those with no, or very little garden. They are also ideal to put in a window box.

Small 4 inch pots filled with soil based compost rather than peat based compost are ideal to set the herbs growing in. To sow ensure the compost is well watered and then simply scatter the seeds over the top of the compost, then add a fine layer of compost over the top of them, then gently water the top layer of compost.

As I mentioned earlier some herbs need full sun and others partial shade so always read the seed packet label for advice. When it comes to watering them this should be done each morning, and for best results use a plant food once a week in Summer.

When picked or cut most herbs can then be dried out ready for storage or simply used fresh. Many herbs will keep on growing if you cut the leaves off, giving you a second crop. Herbs are also fast growing which makes them a good thing for someone new to gardening to try out as you see results quickly and it helps you get used to growing things.

When buying your herb seeds always check the “Use by date” on the packet. Herb seeds can either be bought from a garden centre or even your local supermarket. If you are growing them for the first time I would advise buying one of the packs that has 6 different varieties. Find out more about Herb Pests And Diseases

By Richard Allen -

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