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How To Grow Cabbages

Growing cabbages is fairly easy. Cabbages varieties are grouped according to the time they will reach maturity - Spring, early Summer, Summer, or Autumn. Cabbages are an annual plant.

Cabbages need rich, fertile, soil that is both moist and firm soil. Ideally suited to planting in raised beds. Of note, cabbages should be rotated in there planting each season. Best suited to soil rich in nitrogen and well manured each season. Particular attention should be paid as to when to sow your cabbages, always read the instructions on the seed packet to do this.

Initially sow your cabbages in biodegradable modules as this makes for easier planting in their final location and avoids disturbing the roots, they should be ready to be planted out on your plot in around a month, ensure they are kept well watered during this period.

As the cabbages grow keep them supported by earthing up around them. Spring cabbages may need protecting under a clear cover such as a glass or plastic cloches until established.

The newer varieties of cabbage tend to store far better than older types. Your cabbages plants should be dug up after the head has been removed and harvested. Some varieties of cabbage can be stored during winter as long as they are harvested before any frost. Simply take off the outer leaves and store on newspaper or dry straw in cool and damp location, doing this will keep the cabbages fresh for upto 5 months. For any cabbage problems see Cabbage Pests And Diseases.

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