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How To Grow Runner Beans

Runner beans are simply put one of the best crops you can grow in your garden, and even if you just have a patio garden then you can still grow them in a large container. They are ideal when grown in a raised bed or in a container.

All you need to get them going in a container, is a very large pot, a big bag of potting compost, runner bean seeds, six 6ft canes and some string. To set them up simply fill your container with the compost, place the six canes firmly into the compost, having well watered it first, then make them into a tepee type shape and tie the tops together with the string.

Now depending on where you live in the World and what your local climate it then you can either plant the runner bean seeds directly into the compost, or start the runner beans off growing inside. Simply ensure you plant one seed per cane around 1 to 2 inches from the base of the cane. Although for a higher crop try two seeds per cane.

Whether you plant runner beans in a raised bed or in a container then before you go to bed, put down some slug pellets, if you fail to do this then trust me the slugs will have the plants at the very first time they shoot through the soil. Ignore this warning at your peril. Last year three of my neighbours did this and they lost the lot overnight, I then had to grow them some more using my “Secret technique” (See below) to get them some more runner beans in just 7 days.

When planting your runner beans in a raised bed the technique is just the same as above, but digging in a bag or two of manure will greatly help your crop. You can start runner beans growing inside in March, and outside in April (Just note that you should avoid frosts). To get your runner beans growing inside, simply place them in 2 inch pots filled with compost, cover them with newspaper and store in a warm dark place, keep them damp and the runner beans will be shooting in 10-14 days.

However you could use my “Secret” runner bean tip – Get an empty fruit punnet, line it with 3 layers of tissue paper, place 6 runner bean seeds on it, and then cover with a further 3 layers of tissue. Pour water over the tissue paper, then place in a warm dark area (Downstairs toilet is ideal) and cover with newspaper. Keep the tissue wet, and within 5 days your runner beans will have been “Forced” to grow and will be around 3-4 inches high and ready for planting.

As soon as the runner beans shoot, place them in full sunlight, but keep them damp. Using this method you will grow runner beans far faster than any other method. I know it works so give it a try. The key is keeping the runner beans wet. In general they are easy to grow but if you have problems find out about Runner Bean Pests And Diseases
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By Richard Allen -

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