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How To Grow Asparagus

How to grow Asparagus – Whilst Asparagus is considered a hard vegetable to grow due to the length of time it takes to come to fruition, asparagus is best grown from one year crowns, ordered via mail order seed, for spring or autumn planting.

If you sow Asparagus from seed or preferanly crowns your crop will be take around 2 years to grow. Asparagus likes well drained soil, dug in with manure the previous year. Asparagus is best suited to grow in raised beds, with their warmer soil.

In either case if you sow Asparagus from seeds or crowns to plant them dig a trench 30cm wide by 15-20cm deep, then put in manure and then pile the soil up in a small hummock along the middle of the trench. Then plant the Asparagus crowns 30cm apart with the tips just at ground level.

Spread the roots out covering with soil. Space between rows of asparagus should be 45cm making in sure to stagger the planting between the rows, then water well after planting.

Try not to harvest any Asparagus in year 1, and sparingly in year 2. To harvest the Asparagus, cut them when 4 to 6 inches tall, never pull Asparagus out.

Then the Asparagus plants will go on to give a crop for up to 20 years.

Let the remaining Asparagus spears grow to form a fern like foliage, which will continue to feed the plants. They will need supporting as they grow. Then cut down the foliage in October. Ensure the bed is then kept weed free. Apply a general fertilizer to the Asparagus plants in spring. Enjoy your Asparagus! But if you do have any problems growing it see Asparagus Pests And Diseases. NEW! Visit our Online Asparagus Store

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