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How To Grow Broccoli

Grow you own Broccoli – It is easy as it grows well in most soil types. Broccoli prefers a sunny position though but can tolerate a shady area just as well. The soil is best if well manured before hand, and ideally needs to be well drained in order to prevent plants rotting.

Sowing Broccoli – As always read the seed packet but as a rule of thumb, for green broccoli sow outside in early May. For Purple and White varieties sow mid-April.

Sow the Broccoli seeds about 7cm apart in rows 60cm apart. Cover the seeds with 1-2cm of compost of fine soil, watering well. Broccoli should begin germination in around 10 days. When they shoots appear, thin them out to around to 20cm apart.

For note Broccoli does not transplant very well and dislikes root movement, so is ideally grown in-situ where sown.

If you want early broccoli plants three or four weeks earlier, you may use a small poly-tunnel or cold frame. Place the poly-tunnel in place as several weeks prior to sowing to get the tunnel to warm up the soil bed. Then sow the Broccoli seeds three or four weeks prior to normal.

Caring for broccoli – Is fairly easy, when the seedlings have six or so leaves, give them a small handful of solid fertilizer, one per square yard and water well. In dry weather, the plant must be kept well-watered. Keeping the broccoli plants well watered is essential when the heads of the plants begin to form.

Keep the beds weed free and your broccoli should look after itself. I would recommend using a weed control fabric around the plants. When the Broccoli plants are 4-6 inches high harvest them using a sharp knife, never tear the Broccoli plants off. For any problems see Broccoli Pests And Diseases

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By Richard Allen -

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