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How To Grow Peppers

Growing peppers can add some spice to your foods and some beautiful colors to your garden. Although not the most difficult vegetables to grow, you will need to take care in order to grow healthy peppers.

It is actually best to start growing your pepper plants inside. You can do this eight weeks or so before the anticipated last frost of the winter so the peppers are ready to plant when the weather starts to warm up. You do not want to plant or transplant pepper plants outside if there is still a threat of frost.

You will want to select a location for your pepper garden with warm soil and lots of sunlight. Soil will need to be moist but should not be overly wet. You should add compost and an organic fertilizer to the soil before planning peppers.

Your pepper plants will do well if they are given garden “food” at the time of planting. They probably will not need to be fed again until the peppers start to grow. At this time, you will want to use fertilizers with very little Nitrogen but a lot of potassium and phosphorous.

The pepper plants should be planted in rows that are about 2 to 3 feet away from one another. Each plant needs a lot of space (so plant in distances about 18 to 24 inches apart). You should also not plan sweet and hot pepper types too closely together to avoid the possibility of cross pollination.

When sowing and planting pak choi buy green stemmed cultivars as these are commonly more tastier than white stemmed types. It is a very adaptable plant that can be grown as a cut and come again crop or simply harvested as a mature plant.

Soil temperatures of at least 60 degrees are ideal for the growth of peppers.

You should put mulch around the pepper plants. This will help to keep weeds away from the pepper plants.

As you are probably aware, it will also help to lock in moisture. Soil needs to be kept evenly moist. It should never be oversaturated as this can harm the pepper plants.

When you notice peppers that are large enough for you to eat and use for cooking, it is time to pick the peppers. As you pick the peppers, you give the plant time to grow more. Picking peppers as soon as they are ready is the best way to get plenty of peppers throughout their season. Or why not learn How to Grow Chilies if peppers are too mild?

If you are having problems with your peppers find out about Pepper Pests And Diseases

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