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Review Of Link A Board Raised Beds

Well you could build your own raised bed from the free plans found on this site Right Here. Or you could try the link-a-board system. The link-a-board raised beds are the ones I use myself. They are made of high grade plastic and as such will never rot.

The system consists of a series of plastic panels that simply clip together and are then held in place by a plastic locking rod at each corner.

Using this system you can create a raised be in around 10 mins and that includes unpacking them. The photo show the results of my own set up (and yes this is my own garden!)

I have used these for two seasons now and my crops have definitely given a higher yield as a result of the raised beds. Indeed for this season I expanded them with a further set for more depth. I would highly recommend this system for ease of use, for more information on Link-a-boards please Click Here.

link a board raised beds

By Richard Allen -

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