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How To Grow Spinach

If you want to be strong like Popeye, you should grow spinach in your garden. Spinach is not overly difficult to grow. Fertile soil that is not too heavy and offers a PH between 6 and 7 is ideal for successfully growing spinach. Spinach grows well in full sunlight.

If you live in a climate where the days get overly warm, however, you will want to plant spinach in an area where it will receive some shade. Spinach does not grow well if it is exposed on a regular basis to temperatures at that go beyond 75 degrees. You can prepare the soil before planting spinach by adding organic compost or an organic fertilizer in the soil.

You can begin planting spinach about 1 to 2 months before the last expected frost. There should be about 2 inches distance between each seed which should be planted ½ inch down in the soil. Do not place too much soil on top of the seeds. Spinach seeds typically take a week or two until they germinate.

You will give the spinach plants more space to expand after they have grown at least 4 inches. At that time you should thin out the spinach so that there is no less than six inches between plants. Spinach needs healthy, moist soil. Spinach is one of those plants that thrive with Nitrogen in the soil.

You never want to saturate the spinach plants with water. Like many plants in your garden, spinach need about an inch of water per week. When you are using fertilizer, you should use options that are Nitrogen rich. Your spinach will generally take between 4 and 6 weeks before it is ready to ha

There are two options for harvesting your spinach plants. You can cut leaves to enjoy for use as soon as they have grown enough to eat. The other option is to wait until the spinach is flowering and has finished growing. If you use this option, you can then harvest the entire spinach plant at once.

Keep in mind that you will want to harvest your spinach before the days start to get too hot. This does not give you a large window for growing spinach. However, you can decide to plant spinach again towards the end of the summer once the days start to get a little cooler again. This makes it possible for you to have some spinach to enjoy during the summer. If you have problems growing spinach then find out about Spinach Pests And Diseases

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