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How To Grow Mushrooms

Cultivating Mushrooms– Mushrooms are relatively easy to grow and can be grown in two ways, either by using specialist mushroom plugs to put in logs or by using the more traditional method of growing them in a cardboard box (alternatively you can buy “Mushroom in a box” kits)

To grow mushrooms in a cardboard box you will need: -

1. Well rotted compost

2. Peat moss

3. Short plank of wood or old book

4. Mushroom spawn

5. Water spray

6. Newspaper

7. Old cardboard box

8. Plastic trays

Place the compost into an old cardboard box and water, ensuring that it is completely wet but not waterlogged e.g. relatively moist. Then take a liberal amount (one to two handfuls) of the mushroom spawn and mix it thoroughly in to the compost. Then you will need to remove it from the cardboard box and place it loosened clumps in your plastic tray. Once this is done use an old book or a flat piece of wood to press the compost and spawn mixture flat in to the plastic tray, leaving overnight to settle.

Note: The mushrooms are now ready to begin growing. Over the next two to three weeks you will need to keep the temperature between 65 and 70 degrees, ensuring that the compost does not dry out by watering it daily with your water spray.

After two to three weeks the white mushroom spores should begin to appear on the surface of the compost mixture. At this stage then add around 1 and ½ inches of moist peat moss over the top of the mushroom spores and cover over with a few sheets of old newspaper. Note however that the newspaper must be kept moist at all times so ensure it is sprayed at least twice daily to keep it damp and ensure it is maintained at around a temperature of 55 degrees.

After a further ten days remove the newspaper but continue misting as above. This should result in tiny white pinheads sprouting (Mushrooms!). These will form your mushrooms, now simply let the mushrooms grow to your desired size – the mushrooms should be big enough to eat in 10 to 14 days. The mushrooms should then continue to sprout for up to six months. Any problems growing mushrooms? Then see Mushroom Pests And Diseases

Or you could try something more adventurous to grow shitake or oyster mushrooms from mushroom plugs and read my guide on how to make a mushroom log

For a great tasting idea for using mushrooms try our famous Mushroom Soup Recipe

By Richard Allen -

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