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How To Make Spicy Tomato Soup

At any time of year but particularly in the depths of Winter you just cannot beat having a nice bowl of spicy tomato soup, yet most supermarkets and restaurants only serve plain tomato soup. And whilst it is great served with a swirl of cream on top of it and a large chunk of crusty bread, many of us crave for something will a little more “Bite” to it, so if like us you love spicy tomato soup but find it rarely on sale then why not try our recipe for spicy tomato soup?

When I started out first making spicy tomato soup at home all I actually did was use tinned soup and then add in sliced chilies to it before microwaving it.This actually gives good results if you are in a hurry, and it is a technique I still use today when I am in a rush.

However if you have the time, then try the following recipe, you will need: -

1 or 2 Birds Eye (Very hot) or Serrano (Hot) chilies depending on how spicy you like your tomato soup

1 red pepper cut into inch sized chunks – you can deseed it or not, again this depends on how spicy you want it

1 tin of plummed tomatoes

1 squirt of tomato puree

1 or 2 cloves of Garlic (Local organically grown is best) - peeled

1 large onion cut into small ½ inch pieces

1 tablespoon of Olive oil

1 vegetable stock cube

1 teaspoon full of dried mixed herbs

½ tablespoon of sugar

Pinch of salt and pepper to taste (As required)

To make the soup roast the garlic, pepper, chili and onion in an oven at 200 deg C for about 25 minutes with the Olive Oil.

Whilst they are cooking, use the vegetable stock cube to make up approx 1 pint of stock, adding in the tinned tomatoes, puree, herbs, sugar and salt and pepper. Allow to simmer for 20 minutes, then add in the roasted vegetables and simmer for another half hour.

Then place the contents of the pan in to a blender, and blend until you are happy with the constituency of the soup. You can then serve immediately or just let it go cold and then you can freeze it in plastic containers if required.

Enjoy! Note: The “Spicy” element can be varied considerably by the choice of chilies that you choose to use, so experiment and enjoy, hot and spicy soups can be addictive

If you like tomato soup then why not learn how to grow tomatoes.

By Richard Allen -

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